Velocity Motorsports

TimeAttack Ranks and Tracks

TimeAttack Ranks and Required RankPoints (RP):

Unranked = 0RP
Newbie I = 250RP
Newbie II = 500RP
Newbie III = 750RP
Bronze I = 1000RP
Bronze II = 1500RP
Bronze III = 2000RP
Challenger I = 3000RP
Challenger II = 3750RP
Challenger III = 4500RP
Silver I = 5500RP
Silver II = 6500RP
Silver III = 7500RP
Talented I = 9000RP
Talented II = 10000RP
Talented III = 1000RP
Gold I = 12000RP
Gold II = 13000RP

Gold III = 14000RP
Experienced I = 15000RP
Experienced II = 16000RP
Experienced III = 17000RP
Titanium I = 18000RP
Titanium II = 20000RP
Titanium III = 22000RP
Expert I = 24000RP
Expert II = 26000RP
Expert III = 28000RP
Platinum I = 30000RP
Platinum II = 35000RP
Platinum III = 45000RP
Master I = 50000RP
Master II = 60000RP
Master III = 70000RP
Champion = 100000RP
Champion II = 200000RP

TimeAttack Tracks and Layouts:

South City (SO1Y_VM_TA_3S) SO3S
Westhill (WE2X_VM_TA_2S) WE2S
Blackwood (BL1X_VM_TA_1S) BL1S
Westhill (WE1X_VM_TA_3S) WE3S
Fern Bay (FE1X_ART_TA_1S) FE1AS
Kyoto Ring (KY1X_VM_TA_2S) KY2S
Westhill (WE3X_ART_TA_1S) WE1AS
Blackwood (BL4X_VM_TA_3S) BL3S
Westhill (WE3X_VM_TA_1S) WE1S
Fern Bay (FE4X_VM_TA_1S) FE1S
Aston (AS1X_VM_TA_2S) AS2S
Westhill (WE3X_VM[TP]_TA_6S) WE6S
Autocross (AU1_VM_TA_1S) AU1S
Kyoto Ring (KY3X_VM_TA_6S) KY6S